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  1. Southeast/Midsouth - GA, TN, AL, FL, MS, LA, AR
    I'm looking for a fireroad/dirt road/no cars allowed type ride in GA. Atlanta area up to Northern GA - Ellijay/Blueridge would be the target location. If anyone has done the fireroads around Mt. Tam in Mill Valley area (Railroad, Eldridge grade etc) in California you know what I'm talking...
  2. Fireroad commute !!!!

    This hidden dirt road alley lies between 5th and 6th Avenues in Belmont, CA and i part of my daily commute. this photo is from the thread "Finding the ultimate commute route...." in the Forums. Click the following link to view the thread:
  3. Old Haul Road

    The Old Haul Road in Loma Mar, CA. Once a railroad grade for logging operations that took place in the Santa Cruz Mountains in the 19th century. Beautiful 10-mile out and back through dense second growth redwoods. Quiet and peaceful with lots of wildlife.
1-3 of 3 Results