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  1. Wheels and Tires
    Hi there. Brand new to fat bikes, and building my first. I plan on riding around Long Island on the sand... and I'm sure I'm not a pioneer here. Between the soft-ish Atlantic sand, and the somewhat more rocky bays, what do you recommend? I've gone back and seen that BFL's were the...
  2. Fat bikes
    I'm running a pair of OMW winter bike shoes that I picked up for an impossible-to-resist price from someone who'd bought them too small. Now that we've dropped into the 20F range here in NH, I switched from my summer flat shoes to the OMWs on studded flat pedals. I'm having two problems with...
  3. Pugsley offset fork

    Surly Pugsley 135mm offset fork, in a vise to grind off the brake mounts.
  4. Fat bikes
    I'm looking again at getting a fat front for my current 29er SS. I have a steel Jones setup as a 1x9. I like riding it and it makes the SS seem scary in the cornering dept. I've started thinking a fat front on the SS would be cool. It would also mean I had a backup wheel/tire if I ever needed...
  5. Fat bikes
    I'm just trying to piece together some components for my first fat bike, and would like to know the number of engagement points per revolution of the hub that Salsa makes for the Mukluk and also for the one that Hadley makes for Fatback - I'm assuming that one is 36 per revolution (since it has...
  6. The Riboon - Eric

    Eric, our guide on the Ribbon Trail, outside Grand Junction. He rules on his 29er SS. He cleaned technical stuff that guys on beefy trail bikes wouldn't even try (me).
1-7 of 7 Results