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  1. Fifty+ Years Old
    I feel like Danny glover ,, I'm getting to old for this xxxxxx I'm about a month away from my 60th birthday I was out this last week end riding , took a nice little jump on my hardtail. I was only about 3 foot high, land into a hard right fun times, I did not know my tire was low, ripped...
  2. General Discussion
    Fall finds and great gear at Jenson USA Fall time means changing road and trail conditions and the need for more bite and better gloves - well thicker at least. This time gives us riders an opportunity to take an in-depth look at our machines and replace or update for the new season. There is...
  3. Hucking a big drop at Sullivan Canyon!

    From 2.28.10. This place has lots of new good sized drops, thanks to the recent heavy rains!
  4. Fall

    My friend Alex just taking a spill.
  5. Timing

    This was taken for by my wife, timing is everything. It takes some practice to perfect. I likded the fall leaves in this shot.
  6. Perfect Fall Day

    I had to take a pic to remember this day before the snow fell.
1-6 of 6 Results