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  1. Vacations & Destinations
    Whiskey 50: Sonya testing her speed against Luna's Teal Stetson Lee. Photo by Dave McElwaine. "That sounds cool, but I'd never want to do that!" are words I often hear when I tell people about some of my races. I got thinking about the why I want to do it. The easiest answer is I started...
  2. California - Norcal
    TS100 is coming up in three weeks. I pre rode the last 35 miles with another racer last weekend. This is going to be a real mountain bikers race. These are some of the best, most remote, b****'n miles of technical single track in the state. I heard there are still a few open spots Feel free...
  3. XC racing and Endurance
    Hey there! Who else is doing the Leadville Qualifier at Northstar in a couple weeks? My first marathon race with two 33ish mile laps! I've done a couple 8 hour races and was on a 4-man team for a 24 hour but I'm sure this will be a little harder with the high altitude :) Anyways, my intention...
  4. XC racing and Endurance
    I have a few friends who started mounting aerobars on their mountain bikes. They do long distance racing and adventure racing. They say it's great for changing posture during the ride, they seem not to care too much about the aerodynamic benefits. I'm very tempted to try, I think it's a good way...
  5. California - Norcal
    A trusted cyclist friend at my work knows of an available Death Ride entry... Please PM me if you are interested, and I will forward your email to him. Here is his advertisement: ****************************************************************************************** Hi Cyclists! I know one...
  6. XC racing and Endurance
    I was preparing for an XCO event but it was canceled so I will be racing an XCM event instead. This will be my first XCM race and would like to know about the average HR you guys have on XCM races of around 50 miles. My LT was 176 before I began my training 4 months ago (I don't know now, but I...
  7. California - Norcal
    I'm part of an adventure racing club called Racing With Giants based in SF and Palo Alto. We are 13 dedicated adventure racers. We want to expend and make more teams - we want to meet men and women who are already dedicated mountain bikers. We are looking for mountain bikers who are into long...
  8. General Discussion
    Endurance Race/Ride Clinics Presented by Ergon - Bicycle Ergonomics & 55nine Performance Laser Precision Bike Fit Greetings! Are you interested in riding further than you ever have before? Looking to push your limits this year? Then stop by one of two Endurance...
  9. Dawn till Dusk

    12 hour endurance race in Gallup, NM Picture Credit: Douglas Evilsizor
  10. 2006 Dawn till Dusk

    12 hour race in gallup, nm
  11. NOVA Podium

    NOVA NMBS Marathon Podium 30-39 expert
  12. 2006 Marzocchi Marathon Race

    The 2006 Marzocchi Marathon Race - top-of-the-line 80mm Doppio Air System XC fork. The 2006 Marathon Race uses the 5-position TST adjuster to control compression damping and lock-up. It has an all new, CNC-machined crown and new Magnesium Monolite lowers, as well as a new, bar-mounted lock-up button
  13. Wingnut Hydration Packs

    Wingnut Hydration packs are made to ride lower so that the weight is supported by your hips and the bike rather than your back and shoulders. They're being used by endurance racers and are lighter than other hydration packs I've felt. They're made out of super-light and strong sail cloth. Right now
1-13 of 13 Results