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  1. Dupont Save the Trails Ride

    Mark, Bo, Ryan B, Ryan Z, Jeremie, and Robbie, just after crossing the river in our first 25 mile ride through Dupont in North Carolina.
  2. Fall Down Go Boom!

    Tim (Chick) Crashes the Sugar, on Burnt Mtn, and takes a carbon seatpost to the gut. Yeah still looks dazed! Photo by Carl
  3. No Pain, No Fun!

    Chicks Big Ass Crash on Burnt Mtn Dupont. Dude you owe me a seatpost! Fuggin' with ya! Photo by Carl
  4. Broke the Sugar

    CHicks Burnt Mtn Crash! took a Carbon Seat post to the Gut! Way da go Tim!
  5. Crash Site

    Minutes after Chick's Crash (L-R) Brad, Chris, Mike and Chick (Tim) Burnt Mountain
  6. Sugar Crash Burnt Mtn

    This is where Tim (Chick) Crashed the Sugar @ Dupont Photo by Carl
  7. Burnt Mtn Dupont

    Waiting @ Crash Site for Hike-a-Bikers coming up. "hey, you're going the wrong way...much more fun going down chica" Photo by Carl
  8. Da Bitches-Dupont

    Mike(Cove Stiffee) Brado (Voodoo Canzo) Carl (Trek ST120) Jason( Giant Warp) Chris (Giant VT) Photo by Carl
  9. Top of the Rock Dupont

    Mike(Cove Stiffee) Jason( Giant Warp) Brado (Voodoo Canzo) Chris (Giant VT) Photo by Carl
  10. Big Rock - Kidney Stone!

    Carl passin' a Kidney Stone. Gotta quit using Viagra for energy boost. Bike Trek ST120
  11. Under the Falls

  12. Big Rock Lee

    Dupont Slick Rock
  13. Dupont Slick Rock

    Lee Kreutz (Savannah) riding Dupont
  14. slick rock jason

    Jason @ Dupont climbin is good!
  15. Jason @ Dupont

    Jason Pickney (savannah)
1-15 of 15 Results