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  1. Lights and Night Riding
    Trail LED DS has 5 laterally mounted LEDs for a good horizontal beam (click to enlarge). Editor's Note: This article is part of Mtbr and RoadBikeReview's 2016 Bike Lights Shootout. See the 2016 Mtbr Headlights Index and the RoadBikeReview Commuter Lights Index. The Lowdown: Trail LED DS Trail...
  2. Lights and Night Riding
    Trail LED sent us their new lights and it comes with all new packaging and an upgraded version of the LEDs used, which is now the Cree XPL v6 LED. It's now slightly brighter than last year but the big improvement is a an increase of 30 minutes of run time to 2 hours at full brightness of a...
  3. Lights and Night Riding
    Trail Led is a bike light company similar to the great handmade bike builders like Moots and Vanilla Cycles. It is run by craftsman Grady Pace who is meticulous about his work and craftsmanship. These lights are machined from billet aluminum and then assembled in Dallas TX. All components...
  4. Wisp DS

    Dual race at Wisp 2006....Im beating a boy
1-4 of 4 Results