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  1. Brake Time
    I have been away from mountain biking for 20 years, so I missed the whole disc brake revolution. Now that I am planning on building a new hardtail, I need assistance identifying disc brakes that have the lever feel I am after. My reference is Magura hydraulic rim brakes, where if you bridge...
  2. Brake Time
    Has anyone tried this combination before? The website doesn't show anything about the X2 Caliper needing a specific rotor from Hope.
  3. Brakes
    Dang, this is a really hard topic for me, usually, I'd know what to get. Disc brakes are so expensive but as a high schooler who wants them, my budget is much lower than the usual Joe. For example, there are the Mt-200 but those are just a small improvement from mechanical and they have the 2...
  4. Brake Time
    hey all, I need a disc brakeset to use on a 3700 (2009 model) frame from which I am building a bike from scratch. I will need it to withstand some semi- serious xc singletrack (maybe some rock gardens, definitely roots and front wheel juddering up & down. Mechanical or hydraulic is fine (I've...
  5. Brake Time
    I need more adjustment range than the barrel adjuster gives me for my disc brakes. I run the pair of Hayes MX-4 that came on the bike, and their stopping power is more than adequate. I have tried to be consistent how tight I put the skewers on, but I often have to adjust the cable where it is...
  6. PeteSpeed Gear Box

    The PeteSpeed gear box, as seen in the Hayes booth. Evidently, Hayes is looking to diversify their bike component offerings.
  7. Hayes El Camino

    The new Hayes El Camino disc brake.
  8. Hayes Power!

    The power control knob on the new Hayes El Camino disc brakes.
1-8 of 9 Results