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  1. Urban/DJ/Park
    I'm getting in to dirt jumping and need a better bike for it, but I don't know if i should buy one or builld one. I've got my eye on the ALCATRAZ FRAME. It's 500 online, or the full buld version is 1500. I need some advice or recommendations on cheaper full built or some parts i should use for...
  2. 26er Bikes
    Buried in my basement's bike corner is a small size 2000 GT Rebound hardtail. Because it's so small, it's a good frame to make a dirt jump build with. I'm looking for some cheap(ish) parts including Short stem & wide bars with a little rise Pedals Air fork, straight tube, 9mm QR axle Single...
  3. General Discussion
    Lezyne is proud to announce its sponsorship of French dirt jumping phenomenon Yannick Granieri. He is one of the best French dirt jumpers to come along in a long time. He hails from Lyon, France and has bikes in his blood. Career highlights include 2nd at the 2010 Austria King of Dirt, 2nd...
  4. Dirt Jumping, Sea Otter 2010

    Dirt Jumping on Thursday during the Sea Otter Classic in 2010
  5. The small line.

    La Tierra - Santa Fe, NM Junior puts his new Evil DOC in the air.
  6. Berm at one of the Denton Trails

    Great Berm on one of Denton's most enjoyable trails. All riders welcom
  7. 3 sixty

    photo by
  8. John Cowan

    John Cowan hanging it out in the jumping contest.
1-8 of 8 Results