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  1. Vacations & Destinations
    Crater Lake is the deepest (and some would argue, bluest) in the United States (click to enlarge). Editor's Note: This post is courtesy of Travel Oregon. Every year, cyclists flock to Crater Lake National Park intent on taking on the challenge of the ever-undulating 33-mile Rim Drive - and...
  2. General Discussion
    In this video, Mike DeSalvo ( shows us the details of this visually stunning XX equipped titanium hardtail. Originally Mike built this bike for the NAHBS show in February, but it didn't quite make it there. Check out the cool paint highlights and the saddle made...
  3. General Discussion
    We've arrived in San Diego and have taken many, many photos and even a video or two. Stay tuned for more photos, vids, and info...but here's a quick teaser of what we saw today at the San Diego Custom Bicycle Show - Day One. We shot our first video with Mike DeSalvo, custom builder...
  4. Southern NM with Dogs

    Moved from NorCal to South Carolina, had to stop along the way to get a little exercise. Goods were had here near Las Cruxes, NM.
  5. Ti DeSalvo

    Greenville, SC
1-5 of 5 Results