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  1. Drivetrain
    Need a new bottom bracket in the demo 8, 2017. This year came with a SRAM BB30/PF30 (press fit, 30mm spindle.) the bottom bracket shell is 83mm (wide??) off their website specs, guessing it's 46mm in diameter. Only question is, what type of shell is this? It's regular thread, but threads in from...
  2. Drivetrain
    Hi all. I bought a second-hand demo with some issues. Noticed some play around the main linkage by the bb. Took it to a Spez store and they confirmed my fears that the BB was never serviced and it was basically stuck and they could not remove it. moving the frame around you can hear ball...
  3. Willits

    Big jump in Willits. Fun stuff.
  4. F.S.R.

    [email protected]#$in Squishie Ride
  5. F.S.R.

    [email protected]#$in Squishie Ride
  6. my new baby

    2005 Specialized Demo 8
1-6 of 6 Results