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  1. 27.5
    Introduction: Sal from Jamis spilled the 2013 650b beans on the awesome Mtbr 650b forum. The discussion on the new Jamis 650b line is here. We've been riding the 2012 Jamis SixFiftyB for the last few months and are delighted to see the expanding line from Jamis. Jamis is one of the companies...
  2. Jamis
    Hey Yall I recently purchased a Jamis Dakar XC and have been riding it for about three weeks not. Last week I took the chain off and cleaned it up. But since then I have noticed that that Chain seems to slip some how. I'll be pedaling and all of a sudden it will feel as if it wants to change...
  3. Jamis Dakar Team '97

    My Third dually. Almost perfect. If the top tube was just a hair longer....
  4. '05 Jamis Dakar XC Pro- Rear

    Sweet new carbon Seatstay and Bellcrank!!!
  5. My New Ride

    '05 Jamis 20th Anniversary Edition Dakar XC Pro
1-5 of 5 Results