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  1. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    The conclusion of another Enduro World Series season brings victory for only a select few. Sometimes the race doesn't go as hoped, but it's all about a love of riding. Watch as Curtis Keene presents a recap of this - maybe his last - season. Along the way experience iconic biking locations...
  2. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    Curtis Keene and the On Track video series is back. This time it's the Specialized pro rider's first race after an injury. That comeback, the amazing Sam Hill, and suspension choice are all up for discussion. Press play to see this fascinating look inside the world of enduro racing at the...
  3. 29er Bikes
    Curtis Keene, the American Dream, had a tough season this year. In between battling mechanicals and injury, he had just one top 10 finish, at the Enduro World Series race in Aspen, Colorado. But while his summer may have been rocky, his bike setup is always on point. As a Specialized athlete...
  4. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    Trying to make it as a pro means building fitness becomes a full time job. If you don't have a factory ride, you'll have to schedule that training, meal prep, and more around a job that actually pays the bill. Come race day, you'll also have to play mechanic. In this episode of On Track with...
  5. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    Every wonder what Enduro World Series pros carry while racing? To find out, Mtbr spoke with Curtis Keene and Alex McGuinnis (aka KrunkShox). Keene is a Specialized sponsored athlete, so he doesn't have to resort to strapping spare tubes to his bike. Instead, he can stash them in his downtube...
  6. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    Finale Ligure was the final EWS stop this year. With such dominant performances by Richie Rude and Cecile Ravanel, the event was not as drama filled as previous editions. That said, it did play host to a series of first - the first repeat champion, the first win for Martin Maes, and the first...
  7. DH Podium

    DH Podium

  8. Dh Podium

    Dh Podium

  9. DH Podium

    DH Podium

  10. Mammoth State Points Award

    Mammoth State Points Award

    Curtis Keene, Evan Turpin and Duncan Riffle accepting the National Series Points award. California won the award with Colorado coming in 2nd place!
  11. Pro DH Curtis Keene

    Pro DH Curtis Keene

    Curtis Keene... Smokin on the DH course at Mammoth... Curtis kicked ASS and ended up on the podium!!! All he could think about was the Minerets in the background....