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  1. What Bike to Buy
    Hi I need advice, what bike to buy Grand canyon 8 Cube reaction TM Canyon have better fork, cube have better brakes.
  2. What Bike to Buy
    I turned to the german bike manufacturers as they offer fairly good value. Would appreciate a short reason for your recommendation. Budget: 3500-4500 euros or $3800-$4900 Spectral 29 Al 6 3099 euro/ $3383.77 Aluminium 15.32 kg Lyrik Select+ Super Deluxe Select+ GX Drive Train Code R...
  3. E-Bikes
    Hey guys! I'm looking to join the emtb family and have decided on a Cube ebike, mainly because of the availability in my area and the fact that they look pretty good bang for buck. I have narrowed it down to 4 ebikes (2 of which are Stereo Hybrids (Full Suspension) and 2 of which are Reaction...
  4. Shocks and Suspension
    Hello, I have recently noticed a small amount of play and lots of creeking coming from the main pivot bolt of my 2020 cube stereo 150, so I was going to replace the bearings since I already had some spares. however, when I went to take the bolt out the nut came off the end easily but now the...
  5. What Bike to Buy
    Hi All, New member here looking for like minded advise and outside input on the ever important decision of what new bike to buy. I am about to finally upgrade from a 9 year old Hartail XC bike (Trek 6500 2012 model) to a good full suspension rig. My riding tends to be trail centres with the...
1-6 of 6 Results