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  1. 2007 v-Star 1300 touring - Mister Darth

    2007 v-Star 1300 touring - Mister Darth

  2. What Bike to Buy
    If I could find a large framed beach cruiser style bike with many speeds, like 21, 27, something like that. Im not sure how many gears come on bikes these days! So I get the bike, put on the bmx parts I like that also help me be able to sit up. I upgrade as needed, I ask my lbs if they have a...
  3. What Bike to Buy
    Well as I said I want a mtb that can do 80% road and 20% gravel/lite trail. Im 6'4" and 288lbs, with severe back problems. My weight and size are why Idont want a hybrid. Also my plans include a tall seatpost with a bigger m style saddle, a tall stem that will hold either tough BMX bars or some...
  4. Post your commuter photos!

    Post your commuter photos!

    My Trek 850 MTB commuter
  5. bike festival

    bike festival

  6. bike festival

    bike festival

  7. bike festival

    bike festival

  8. bike festival

    bike festival

  9. bike festival

    bike festival

  10. Nirve Fifty-Three

    Nirve Fifty-Three

    Frame: Nirve Fifty-Three Fork: Springer (OEM) Wheelset: Nirve 26" Tires: Unknown-brand German 2.1" XC tires Front Hub: Sturmey-Archer XFD 70mm drum-brake (not installed in picture) Rear Hub: Shimano Nexus3 w/ coaster-brake Bottom Bracket: Truvativ Howitzer (not in picture) Pedals:
  11. DeSalvo Ti Cruiser

    DeSalvo Ti Cruiser

    She'll sport a Rohloff hub as soon as I can afford it. Mike DeSalvo is a great builder to work with!
  12. 2005 Brew Cruiser

    2005 Brew Cruiser

    Pro XL in saphire blue
  13. My Cruiser

    My Cruiser

    Really cheap cruiser. This picture from manufacturer's pagas, have bit changed mine..
  14. Spicer Ti Cruiser

    Spicer Ti Cruiser

    Vanilla 100 RLC, King Headset, Crossmax SL, Race Face Deus XC Crankset, XT Drivetrain, Pauls Love Levers, Avid Mechanical Disc Brakes, Jagwire Kevlar Brake & Der. Cable & Housing, Thomson Stem & Seatpost, Answer Pro Taper Riser Bar, ODI Grips & Thug Plugs, Selle San Marco Regal Saddle, Continental E