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  1. Shocks and Suspension
    So I currently owned Sr.Suntour XCR32 Coil Boost 100mm 2021 LO-R. The current thing is that the spring rate of it is harshly firm for me and I'm weighing below 45kg with bike gears and stuffs. So I found something related to this topic here: SR Suntour Spring Rates. I found out that the stock...
  2. Shocks and Suspension
    Which 29er frames have a progressive rear leverage curve, suitable for a coil shock, and approx. 140 mm travel? I have been waiting and waiting for the SC Hightower V3 to be released and hopefully fixing the V2's inability to mount a rear coil: It has too little space in the shock tunnel. Who...
  3. Shocks and Suspension
    Hi, does anyone have any info on the differences between the new RS Domain and ZEB? They‘re both 38 mm chassis, they might as well have the same one and just different internals (like the Lyrik and the Yari). If that’s the case the Domain might be a good option for a coil conversion with an...
  4. Niner Bikes
    Hi all, I'm looking to give my Niner Rip 9 RDO 2017 a refresh by getting a coil shock. The coil shocks that I have in consideration are: DVO Jade Marzocchi Bomber CR Currently leaning towards the DVO Jade as I managed to find a good deal on it. However, I worry about the clearance from the...
  5. Shocks and Suspension
    I will still see some new coil forks on the market such as marzocchi and I’m wondering what is still good about them when there are air forks
  6. Marzocchi Roco RC

    The 2006 Marzocchi Roco RC rear shock. For more on the Roco and all the 2006 Marzocchi products, see my complete story:
1-6 of 6 Results