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  1. California - Norcal
    Back in 2018 I downloaded and followed the Coe Monstercross. Drove to some school in E SJ, 109mi or so, FS mountain bike. First Mt Hamilton climb, first Ashram Coe entrance, nice ride all around. Yesterday I was going for a Bay Trail CCW on the road bike, last minute decided it would take too...
  2. California - Norcal
    Join us (TahoeBC, SecretSquirrel and me) for a fun night out! The usual dis-coe-laimers apply... </img>
  3. California - Norcal
    Cool and breezy at Coe yesterday, and looks like there are more days ahead with similar weather - plus that, the full moon is coming!
  4. California - Norcal
    Henry W Coe Tour de Swim Holes Saturday July 16 9:00 am, Hunting Hollow An 18 hole course. There will be a variety of trail surfaces (and lack thereof) and bodies of water, climbs, and route finding explorations, to make this TdSH 11 interesting. A full on adventure in for the intrepid Coe...
  5. California - Norcal
    We rode the Henry W Coe Summer Solstice 10k last Saturday, 06-18-2011, starting at 6:30am at the Coyote Creek Gate. The full name of this ride is: The Penultimate 10k of the Apoc-Coe-Lypse Poised for take-off on Dr. Sphincter Trail The ride was so named due to the fact that if nothing...
  6. California - Norcal
    When I linked Gov. Brown's proposed parks budget ( ) in some other threads I was hoping to see it generate some discussion (without having to drag in the topic of OHV's!) Sadly, it appears that not many in this group were willing to...
  7. California - Norcal
    Hi Everyone, We're holding our second Saturday trailwork at Coe on June 11th. We'll be continuing our work on Cougar, with the primary focus being the repair of the lower section of trail, not too far from the creek. If you don't feel like swinging heavy tools, there is an opportunity to tune...
  8. California - Norcal
    Escaped the rain today by riding yesterday! Cool and overcast for most of the day - perfect for a long ride at Coe! A local patrolling Bowl trail just before 8am: Another local keeping tabs on me: In case you didn't spot him, here's a close-up crop: Vasquez hole - the best place to...
  9. California - Norcal ROMP is a Group member, Imagine your day , 1-8+ hr ride on singletrack within next door Henry Coe SP, draggin in after your ride, mosey'ng over to the soaker tubs for a leisurely bask in the 98 deg mineral water.... Cold water...
  10. California - Norcal
    Some photos from the MBTB XIII ride at Coe... The group rolling out of Hunting Hollow. On the far side there, who is that in the salmon colored jersey??? It is I-never-leave-Santa-Cruz scheckler !!! I think Shiloh just passed out seeing this. ...and Davidyeti575 (riding a Titus) on the...
  11. California - Norcal
    Henry W. Coe 2nd Sat TW 9am HQ Cougar Trail May 14 9am We are meeting up at Henry W Coe SP Headquarters at the east end of E Dunne Ave. Do not go to Hunting Hollow. Look for the metal maintenance barn yard. That's where we'll meet up. Free park maps to new volunteers. The job for this one is...
  12. California - Norcal
    The Tahoe Sierra 100 is comin' right up. How 'bout a 70-90 mile, 12,000-15,000 footer this Saturday, May 14th? I haven't worked out an exact route yet. If I get any takers on this, I'd be happy to take your suggestions. Leave from Hunting Hollow at 7:30ish. Goes without saying, but you need to...
  13. California - Norcal
    The grass is turning, post up your rides! I had somewhat grandiose plans of doing a Hunting Hollow - Headquarters - Bear Mountain ride. Figuring that I needed to start early, I started very early - 6:15: Sunrise around 6:30 from Coit road. On the way up Anza, found an unwelcome local on the...
  14. California - Norcal
    Okay! On Saturday, locoyokel and I rode out to see the wrecking ball on Willow Ridge Road. The awesome weather continues and Coe was busy. We saw lots of hikers and bikers. It was also BackCountry Weekend so a few were participating in that. On the way out, locoyokel and I finally got the...
  15. California - Norcal
    After a few weeks of rehab from various injuries was able to get back out to Coe in time for which probably is the peak of the wildflower season this year, a little later and not as showy as years past. Trails were perfect though and hard to make out at times. Thanks to the trail fairies that...
  16. California - Norcal
    Or Agua Supremo :) Sometimes, the need to get your feet wet overpowers the memories of the painful climbs just 2 weeks prior! And so, survivors of the Agua Extremo II ride, again rolled out of Hunting Hollow for a big ride full of Henry Coe epic™ness! Here are my photos and retelling of the...
  17. California - Norcal
    locoyokel invited me along on his Coe ride yesterday; "I'd like to get to some new stuff for me (on this ride that would be Raven Pond, Deer Camp, Purple Pond, Hersman Pond, plus bits of fire road - Kaiser Aetna and Center Flats near Dowdy)" We accomplished some of that. It was a long day. Here...
  18. California - Norcal
    The weather is perfect, I'm looking for a partner to ride Kelly lake loop tomorrow. I've been eying this loop in a long time, but never done it (I done variation on middle ridge loop many times) I have two loops descriptions to choose from...
  19. California - Norcal
    Hi Folks, This Saturday is the continuation of our monthly trailwork out at Coe, and we're meeting at 9am at Hunting Hollow. We'll be building new trail and refining the existing tread of the Jim Donnelly trail, which has the potential to be one of the most popular trails out of the southern...
  20. California - Norcal
    Here is a stack of pictures from Saturday's Agua Extremo II, a Nightriders Production The day starts in a busy Hunting Hollow, it's "Ranch Day". Then BAM!-we get hit with the initial Agua, the bunch of stream-crossing right inside the gate. Up Lyman Willson to the Bowl trail where we're...
1-20 of 500 Results