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  1. North & South Carolina
    Hey everyone! I'm about to move to Asheville from Raleigh and was wondering: what is the general fitness level required for the trail biking out here? I've been mountain biking for 3 years in the triangle, and even though I feel I'm in decent shape for the rides around here I see the maps for...
  2. climb in the field

    these picture from a phone cellular
  3. Austrian XC Race

    Unknown rider in the rain, during the Addidas Bike-n-Soul
  4. Silvio Wieltschnig

    Rotwild sponsored Austrian rider, Silvio Wieltschnig, in the rain, during the Addidas Bike-n-Soul festival in Saalbach Hinterglemm, Austria.
  5. Dave Yakaitas - Number One!

    Our friend, Dave. He's been working his ass off for a few years, and what do you know? He goes and spanks the pro/expert singlespeed field by over four minutes. Way to go, Dave! You are a badass. And I guess riding that big bike around does pay, huh?
  6. Mary McConneloug

    Last year's US champ and Team Kenda/Seven pro, Mary McConneloug, looking fresh and strong near the beginning of the first lap of Sunday's 38 mile pro XC race.
  7. Vela Bella Amateur

    One of the Vela Bella ladies working it over the top of a steep one, during Sunday morning's amateur XC rcae.
  8. Climbing Above Pacifica

    Climbing above the summer fog, just south of San Francisco.
  9. Beautiful

    In most photos from Sea Otter, it's hard to really get a sense of the place. I took this one because I could get the climbers, the hills, and the ocean in one photo. This is looking north, over the final climb, towards Santa Cruz. The city of Monterey would be to the left of the viewer.
  10. Frank!

    Frank, from Fox Shox and Team Wrong Way, hustling up Hurl Hill, making the suckers hurt!
1-10 of 10 Results