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chiluca mexico

  1. Bladimir Chiluca

    Bladimir Chiluca

    Our buddy Bladimir clearing a gutter. Not difficult but you can easily endo if something goes bad
  2. Bridge in Chiluca

    Bridge in Chiluca

    A nice wide road... which we don't ride. The singletrack is much better
  3. Climbing Chiluca

    Climbing Chiluca

    This is one particularly ugly climb
  4. Chiluca gnarly section

    Chiluca gnarly section

    My buddy "Rocky" Rene doing his way down this ugly looking section
  5. Warp02


    One more
  6. Warp01


    Another shot of my bike
  7. Warp00


    My steed
  8. Cold Cahuama Riders

    Cold Cahuama Riders

    Cold Cahuama Riders at a stop at Espiritu Santo