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  1. Mark Weir - Super D

    Classic Weir face in the middle of Super D course.
  2. Jeff Evans

    KHS downhill pro, Jeff Evans, in the Pinball section of the pro / semi pro dh course.
  3. Anthony

    Anthony from Fox, the man responsible for your super plush - yet pleasantly tight - rear end. Thanks, Antman. Oh yeah, this was taken on the Super D.
  4. Alison Dunlap - Super D

    Alison Dunlap branching out a little on the Super D. She wasn't messing around. When I took this picture she was seriously hauling ass. Fast enough to take second place in the Super D, right after Marla Streb, making it a 1-2 for the Luna team.
  5. Low Budget Hucker

    Sean's gonna have to quit the LBR team cause he sure ain't rolling this drop, during the semi-pro dh race.
  6. Horror Show

    This photo is downright scary. I didn't even notice how thrashed this guy was until I looked at the photos, later. He was a trooper, though - look at the smile. This was near the middle of the course in the Super D race.
  7. TimmAaiiiiiih!

    Timmy C. team owner, in the expert XC race.
  8. Amber Throop - Sport Junior

    Richie Nova Junior team member, Amber Throop, during Sunday's short track national finals.
  9. Vela Bella - Kim Heiser

    One of the Velo Bella lovelies, Kim Heiser, in Saturday's expert XC race.
  10. Pinned

    On the gas in a flat out straight on the 2004 Mammoth pro/semi-pro DH course.
  11. Nice Ass!

    Errr, I mean Burro. A girl and her Burro bike in the Super D race.
  12. Mark Jordan - Semi-Pro DH

    Mark Jordan, one of the fellas responsible for Decline and Twenty-Six Magazine, hucking the big drop in the DH finals - without a chain.
  13. Expert Women's XC

    Name this expert woman! I can't see her number plate. But she deserves some credit because she's racing in the 2004 Expert US XC National Championship!
1-13 of 13 Results