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  1. Cataraqui Trail - Yarker, Ontario

    Trail on east side of Cutler Road. The Napanee River is just beyond this point, and the Trail follows Sidings Street for a short distance to the west of Cutler Road. October 2006
  2. Cataraqui Trail - Yarker, Ontario

    Old limestone building in Yarker, Ontario on Cutler Road at Sidings Street. Thought to have been a school, but is now used as a residence. October 2006
  3. Cataraqui Trail - Yarker, Ontario

    Old limestone church in Yarker, Ontario at intersection of Cutler Road and Sidings Street, now used as residence. Stone above door contains indecipherable denomination and "Church, 1886". The trail follows Sidings Street directly in front of this building. October 2006
  4. Cataraqui Trail - Yarker

    Trail information sign outside the clubhouse (in background) of the Lennox and Addington Ridge Runners Inc. snowmobilers located beside the Cataraqui Trail in Yarker, Ontario. Additional snowmobile trails branch off here. Don't know whether they are available for biking. October 2006.
  5. Cataraqui Trail - Yarker - October 2006

    Cataraqui trail bridge over the Napanee River in Yarker, Ontario. View upstream (northerly) on river, back (easterly) on trail. October 2006
1-5 of 5 Results