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  1. Cataraqui Trail, Smiths Falls to Strathcona, August 2007

    Looking forward from Anglican Church Road, approx. km 8.8
  2. Cataraqui Trail

    First road crossing (Golf Club Road) looking forward (southerly).
  3. Cataraqui Trail

    Creek at approx. km 7.3. This 2004 Trek 4900 was discontinued in 2005 despite excellent reviews.
  4. Cataraqui Trail

    Looking back from Anglican Church Road, approx. km 8.8
  5. Cataraqui Trail

    Trail looking forward (southerly) from Kellys Road.
  6. Cataraqui Trail

    Intersection with Kellys Road approx. 6.5 km looking northerly. BlackBerry GPS coordinates are Lat. N44° 50' 03" Long. W76° 03' 52" (±51m) That's a 2004 Trek Navigator 300 Comfort Bike that my wife is riding, which doesn't appear on the photo posting listings.
  7. Cataraqui Trail

    Looking S'ly across some wetland to a golf course. The golf course crosses the trail, and actually uses part of the trail for access from one green to the next tee-off. Two golfers with their carts are visible on the trail.
1-9 of 9 Results