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cannondale prophet

  1. Cannondale
    I am not very educated about rear shocks, so forgive my ignorance. I am currently running a Manitou Swinger 3 way (that came stock on the 05 Prophet 1000). I am looking to replace it with something more versatile and that will give me more options for lockout/pedal-bob reduction. I am using...
  2. Cannondale Prophet

    Cannondale Prophet

  3. Cannondale Prophet

    Cannondale Prophet

  4. PROPHET 600

    PROPHET 600

  5. Prophet Demo

    Prophet Demo

    MaryEllen's impression, "stable, inspired confidence, easy to get my butt off the back of the bike, goes where you point it"
  6. Cannondale Prophet paint detail

    Cannondale Prophet paint detail

    "galvanized" paint on new Prophet 2000.