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  1. Arty-farty

    What is there to say?
  2. Final product

    And this is how it looks.
  3. Test fit

    Just wanted to see...
  4. Test fitting

    Not having all the parts ordered I wanted to see how it would look.
  5. First test ride

    With some parts from a friend I managed to make it ready to ride.
  6. On the way home

    Nice and dirty after a good day in the mountain.
  7. Frame assembled

    The frame fully assembled.
  8. Ready for what ever

    Fully assembled and ready to ride.
  9. Fresh out of the box

    Here is how it looked without the box, quite some work putting it together but so fun.
  10. The box

    This is how it came to my door. The box is so small that I thought I just had been sent something wrong.
1-10 of 10 Results