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  1. Enduro Racing
    Sharpen your skills with Ninja Mountain Bike Performance. Taking a mountain biking skills class is the best way to rapidly become proficient and raise your confidence at riding trails of all different levels of difficulty. Whether you recently fell in love with trail riding or consider yourself...
  2. General Discussion
    BetterRide and Gene Hamilton are offering their signature a three day downhill mountain bike camp at Keystone Resort in Summit County, Colorado. This is an amazing opportunity to learn from one of the most experienced coaches in the sport and really up your riding. Sign up soon as this camp...
  3. General Discussion
    Darcy 1st Camp of the Season A Great Success! Darcy hosts a sucessful weekend of ladies-only riding, skills development, and brownies! In her own words: As some of you may know, I partnered with Sooke Cycles last weekend to host a beginner women's riding clinic in, you guessed it...
  4. General Discussion
    Summer Gravity Camps are proud to announce that mountain bike legend, Kirt Voreis, will be joining Summer Gravity Camps as a special guest coach for the July 13-20 camp. A professional mountain biker since 1995, Kirt has made multiple film appearances and he is no stranger to World Cup and...
  5. Knobbly Camp 2-4 March 2007

    Each bike was given a nametag for the weekend, what a great gesture from the organisers! Mine is the second one
  6. Knobbly Camp 2-4 March 2007

    Hardy and Wollies on the cornering practice
  7. Knobbly Camp 2-4 March 2007

    Hardy climbing a steep footpath/ impromptu singletrack
  8. Knobbly Camp 2-4 March 2007

    This is how it's done! Wollies showing the way
  9. Knobbly Camp 2-4 March 2007

    ******* plantation fireroad
  10. Knobbly Camp 2-4 March 2007

    Me doing some cornering practice
  11. Knobbly Camp 2-4 March 2007

    This is the view on one of the uphills
  12. Knobbly Camp 2-4 March 2007

    Riding in Africa, always great!
  13. Knobbly Camp 2-4 March 2007

    Me doing a front wheel, then back wheel hop over this measly stick. Hey, it's progress!
1-14 of 14 Results