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  1. Bike in the weeds

    Bike in the weeds

    My bike standing in the grass, trying (Unsuccessfully) to blend in with the foilage
  2. Taking a break at Okor

    Taking a break at Okor

    My bike waits in the grass while I have lunch at the ruins near Okor.
  3. Burner


    My Burner.
  4. The Spine

    The Spine

    Great DH type trial in San Diego, on my little Burner.
  5. Tedroy's Burner

    Tedroy's Burner

    04' Turner Burner, Skareb 100mm, Swinger 3way, Mavic UST, Hutchinson Pythons, Hayes Discs, Thompson post, Wtb Seat.
  6. Muddy Burner

    Muddy Burner

    SLO Mud turns a 2.3 tire into a 3.0
  7. Turner Burner

    Turner Burner

  8. Turner Burner

    Turner Burner

  9. Turner Burner

    Turner Burner

  10. Turner Burner

    Turner Burner

    Burner, F100X, King Hubs, Bling