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  1. New Bullit

    Its my new Bullit Green Machine
  2. close up cockpit

    Bullit bling
  3. Santa Cruz Bullit in action

    Del Cerro- Palos Verdes
  4. Kyle's Bullit

    2001 Santa Cruz Bullit
  5. Bullit fun

    Nice huck on downhill course. 3" high, but 25" long :-) Pure fun.
  6. The Blue Bullit

    03 bullit with a 888r front fork, hayes 9dh brakes, FSA cranks and handlbar, WTB seat and tires. Bought everything off of eBay and built it myself!
  7. Orange '05 Bullit

    Just got frame replaced and now I must go ride.
  8. Cracked Bullit = New Bullit

    '05 Bullit frame after I cracked the old green one... Sherman Slider w/SPV Fox DHX 5.0 Diabolus Stem/bar XT Discs etc, etc.
  9. Nice Air

    Bobo gettin some...
  10. Bobo's Rippin it!

    Randy on PL Rock Drop...
  11. Bobos gonna tear it up!

    Damn... Look at the gear!
  12. Pre-Ride Shot of bros

    Check the Bullit!
  13. STOLEN ON 10/17/04 3am

    Have you seen this bike. Santa Cruz Bullit. When it was stolen it had black cranks and new seat as well as a front tire with blue sidewall. Stolen from South San Jose near 85 and Bernal. May be in Morgan Hill or Gilroy now. Any info please e-mail or call 311 and reference report #04-291-0237. T
  14. Orange Bullit Front Triangle

    Orange Bullit Front Triangle
  15. Flowers...

    Rider: Johnn Williams Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
  16. Flowers...

    Rider Johnn Williams Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
  17. 05 Firefly Plus on my Bullit

    I love these forks!
  18. 05 Firefly Plus on my Bullit

    These really do have 6" of travel. They feel like they have more travel than my 170mm Jr T.
  19. 000_0432a

1-20 of 21 Results