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  1. General Discussion
    I'm Nick from Birmingham, AL. I am a complete novice. I haven't owned a bike since grade school (Mongoose ??). I like the State Klunker and I like the Retrospec Sully but I LOVE the Surly Lowside. It just happens to be way out my price range. How can I parts-bin something that looks like the...
  2. Singlespeed
    I just purchased a Banshee Paradox V3 frame and plan on doing a single speed build. I've been riding for quite awhile but I'm brand new to the SS world and building a bike in general. My main motivation for the build was that I had almost every part I needed in my basement and was always...
  3. Dropper Posts
    I have a 2014 canfield nimble 9 and i cant figure out if i can use an internal routed one.
  4. General Discussion
    A couple of months ago I got myself a trail bike, 2018 Scott Scale 27.5 plus to be exact. After seeing my bike, my girlfriend wanted one so i decided to go an alternate route. I bought a cheap bike an upgrade all the essential part for it to ride well. The total investment was about 900 euros in...
  5. What Bike to Buy
    I have a 2000 Schwinn Rocket 88 that I have to retire...(can't find replacement sleeve bearings/bushings anymore). All of the components are still in good shape. I'm looking for a hardtail frame to switch everything over to. My question is I've noticed that a curved down tube has been the...
  6. Singlespeed
    So I was thinking about building up a SS 29er and am looking for some help. My plan is to reuse most of the parts off of my outgrown 2002 specialized rockhopper, The two frames I am trying to decide between are the Vassago Jabberwoky and the Missfit diSSent. Which is a better pick? Pros/cons of...
1-11 of 11 Results