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  1. General Discussion
    Milwaukee, WI - January 27, 2012 - Fyxation, a leading manufacturer of urban bicycle parts and accessories, announced today that their full line of cycling products will be available for distribution through Bicycle Technologies International (BTI). This includes Fyxation's entire new line of...
  2. General Discussion
    (Santa Fe, NM and San Diego, CA - Nov 16, 2011) Loaded Precision Products has announced that Santa Fe, NM wholesaler Bicycle Technologies International will be the company's first distribution partner. BTI is now stocking a large representation of the San Diego, CA based company's line of...
  3. Interbike Outdoor Demo

    The BTI and Nuun booths at the Outdoor Demo. BTI is the US distributor for Cinelli and Commencal.
  4. General Discussion
    SANTA FE, NM - Back in May of 1993 two bike industry guys got together and decided to start a parts and service company in Ashland, OR. Unlike most distributors at the time, BTI chose to focus on one aspect of the market and to do it well - bike suspension components. A lot has changed since...
1-4 of 4 Results