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  1. Drivetrain
    Hey guys While riding my derailrer Broken and the chain hangs on the ground it does shift but i think it's fully Broken pls help me Picuture
  2. Clydesdales/Tall Riders
    I've been on here years and learned so much and decided I would pass on some of that knowledge on. I started a Clydesdale rider YouTube channel. With my rides and experiences as a large rider. Never did YouTube before not trying to get rich but hoping to make something people enjoy watching so...
  3. Downhill - Freeride
    Hey guys, I've got some 2008 rockshox totem IS forks (the coil ones with the single low speed compression knob) and might have a problem. I'm getting a clunk when I compress the fork, and then let it back up again (like when you go to start a manual), but its not a topout clunk, cause the...
  4. Broken bones

    fractured elbow and wrist, compressed 3 vertebrae, lost skin, frozen shoulder, helmet split in half.
  5. Skinny Leg

    You can see what just two weeks of atrophy will do to you when you break your ankle. I have about 4 more weeks to go before I can start putting weight on it. Gonna be a stick by then....
  6. knocked my foot off

    shattered and disslocated ankle
  7. Broken Bike

    Hey, try to look at this in an optimistic way... My broken derailleur that got ripped off by a stick in the spokes.
  8. Broken Bike

    My broken derailleur that gor ripped off by a stick in the spokes.
  9. Broken Derailleur

    A stick got stuck in my spokes and ripped my rear derailleur right off.
  10. Collarbone turned into work of art...

    This is my collarbone after a picturesque swan dive over the handlebars. It's hard to tell by the photo, but the bone is split up into five pieces. It also came with some abrasions and gravel-rash, none of which was photo worthy. Oh well...
1-10 of 10 Results