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  1. GPS, HRM and Bike Computer
    I use my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt on several bikes (2 mountain and 1 road). Each have their own speed sensor. Is there any way to determine which bike was ridden on a ride when looking at the Wahoo app or even the Bolt itself? How about inside the .fit files? I would like to know how many miles I've...
  2. Shocks and Suspension
    Hello, I have recently noticed a small amount of play and lots of creeking coming from the main pivot bolt of my 2020 cube stereo 150, so I was going to replace the bearings since I already had some spares. however, when I went to take the bolt out the nut came off the end easily but now the...
  3. Maverick
    Hi fellow Maverick fans, I am looking to gauge interest on a possible new upgrade. A friend of mine( also a Maverick owner) has broken a few pivot bolts on his ML 7.5. He works in the tooling industry as is using some connections to make stronger bolts. Wondering how many other people are...
1-3 of 3 Results