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  1. More blood

  2. Mike with War Paint

    Mike felt the need to proudly display some of his own blood, like war paint. Nobody rides like Mike.
  3. Andrey's Dad

    Andrey took his dad riding and this is what happened.
  4. trail dressing

    after riding/hiking 3 miles back to the car, i drove myself to the ER, ruined my sidis... dressing included t shirt sleeves & bandana. Basically i lost it in a gravel turn
  5. hate gravel

    this was the shot after they cleaned me up, resluted in 15 stitches and 1500 bucks
  6. Ouch, er, where are my Percosets?

    Result of crashing at Snowmass MSC race in June 2004.
  7. Horror Show

    This photo is downright scary. I didn't even notice how thrashed this guy was until I looked at the photos, later. He was a trooper, though - look at the smile. This was near the middle of the course in the Super D race.
1-7 of 7 Results