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  1. Cars and Bike Racks
    Part of the mountain bike investment is a proper bike rack. Sticking a bike in the trunk or cargo area gets old once you have more than one bike and the bikes get very dirty. Hitch racks have become the rack of choice for ease of use and better vehicle mileage and safety. There are many...
  2. Cars and Bike Racks
    I own the Thule T2 Pro XTR and somehow lost the securing device for the wedge as well as the wedge, making my almost brand new bike rack unusable. Thule says I have to replace the whole arm (which isn't in stock). Anyone know if I could have a metal fabricator build me a new one? REI and Thule...
  3. General Discussion
    MTBR explores the best low-cost bikes racks on the market. What is it? For most of us, riding our bike to and from the trails or where we'd like to ride is not feasible. Transporting your bicycle is just part of the deal, and for that, you need a bike rack, but you don't have to dip into your...
  4. News & Reviews
    When searching for the best bike racks for mountain bikers there is a lot to consider. Today's market has a wide variety of options. To help you navigate these tricky waters, Mtbr has selected six options that have exceptional quality and functionality for carrying modern full suspension...
  5. General Discussion
    The Saris MTR hitch rack is coming soon and aims to address the bulk of the bugaboos of all previous bike hitch racks. Foremost is the Saris MTR hitch rack's clever tray design (the MTR stands for modular tray rack). In place of one long unit are separate left and right trays that can be rotated...
  6. General Discussion
    The vertical mountain bike hitch rack is set to go mainstream with the soon-to-launch Yakima HangOver, the first of its kind from a leading manufacturer. Offering a similar fork-crown perching system to North Shore Rack's mountain bike hitch rack, the Yakima HangOver is big on ease of use...
  7. The logo that never made it.....:-)

    If this product were a super-hero... available at and
1-7 of 7 Results