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  1. Passion
    Riding an old steel Bianchi north up the coast from San Diego to Monterey Every cyclist must experience Highway 1 at least once in their lives. Editor's Note: The Angry Singlespeeder is a collection of mercurial musings from contributing editor Kurt Gensheimer. In no way do his maniacal...
  2. Passion
    As cyclists, we all try to push our fitness to a higher level, riding harder, longer and faster, for it's an inherent part of riding a bike. But the harder we ride and the faster we go, the more we miss. The Bianchi loaded up with Revelate bags, ready for a 500-mile journey. Editor's Note...
  3. Passion
    "If you could have one - and only one - bicycle, which would it be?" All ride and no work makes prickly pear a happy cactus Editor's Note: The Angry Singlespeeder is a collection of mercurial musings from contributing editor Kurt Gensheimer. In no way do his maniacal diatribes about all...
  4. Singlespeed
    I thought I would share my new SS. My brother-in-law bought me this frameset to celebrate the birth of my daughter. This frame also has special meaning as it was the GUSS that first started my love affair with the one geared world. Who knew father's get birthing presents too.;) It has been...
  5. My Meeting with Vlad the Impaler

    Well, Blowout had just rode right over Vlad the Impaler, nice and slow like, so I went back and pedaled up to it, pulled up and about then my back tire rolled over one of "Vlad the Impaler's" broken limbs and spun-out instead of providing me with the traction to propel me forward over the
  6. Bianchi Sok 29er

    geared aluminum 29er hardtail
  7. Pinky Tuscadero

    Here's a pic of my Bianchi P.U.S.S. in phase 1.0. I'm running a Morati ti handlebar/stem combo with Paul's brake levers and Avid calipers. The Moots post was necessary to match the handlebar.
  8. Bianchi M.U.S.S.

    a toned down mtb more geared for streets and commuting the steel "Mostly Urban Single Speed" comes with low knob tires and disc brakes, but is a tire change away from riding dirt.
  9. Bianchi W.U.S.S.

    new white color for the Bianchi aluminum singlespeed.
  10. Bianchi Denali upgraded

    Thomson seatpost and stem Xt drivetrain WTB Rocket V Stealth saddle WTB wheelset with Kenda karma 2.0 Crank Brothers Eggbeaters SL

    HERE IS MY FULL SUSPENSION CANNONDALE RAVEN! THIS BIKE RIDES LIKE A DREAM AND IS A GREAT CONVERSATION PIECE ON THE TRAILS! HERE ARE THE SPECS: Cannondale Raven 2000 carbon frame with ELO lefty fork Mavic 223 Disc wheels with Shimano Dura Ace 9 cassette and Continental Explorer tires Coda expert h
  12. Bianchi Doss: Reparto Corse

    XC MTB LX/Deore
  13. Bianchi Doss: Reparto Corse

    Bianchi Doss (2005) 6400 V-brake model frame Alloy 7000 (Already well tested!!) Rims: Ambrosio Keba 360 Fork: SR Suntour Axon D-RL with remote lock - these guys improved a lot and you can save some bucks! LX 2005 rear Derailleur Deore front Derailleur FSA alpha Drive crank and arms Deore shifters
1-14 of 15 Results