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  1. General Discussion
    John Siegrist is the owner of Dean Bikes (Boulder, CO) a company that has been around 22 years. Dean specializes in titanium with a full 90% of their bikes being built in Ti (with the other 10% made from steel.) Dean offers both road and mountain bikes but also other categories like: cross...
  2. General Discussion
    By Kurt Gensheimer Uppers: Descends faster than the balance of your 401K Magnesium frame = light, durable and shock absorbent Handmade in Boulder, Colorado Custom built down to the last chainring bolt Gates belt drive is dead silent and bulletproof Downers: Low hanging bottom bracket = rock...
  3. General Discussion
    Innovative belt drive technology helps Oskar Blues/Spot Brand Bikes Team belt out a win while the competition crumbles. Fruita, Colorado -- In conditions that destroyed equipment, shredded even seasoned racers and caused a late race course change at the recent 5th annual 18 Hours of Fruita bike...
1-15 of 15 Results