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  1. Vacations & Destinations
    June 22-25, August 10-13, Oct 5-8 (dates are interchangeable if you need to change) The longest continuous running Mountain Biking Craft Brew Festival In USA Great Brews and Riders that have continued to rate our trails high. We're on our 28th year and haven't missed a year The Festival...
  2. General Discussion
    Whether you call it beer or water, Coors (or more specifically, its parent MillerCoors) is among the largest brewers in the world. Sales of their beer account for nearly 30% of the United States market, which makes them the second largest beer company in America. A view of the sprawling...
  3. Where are the Best Deals?
    Beer is good. Bikes are good. Beer and bikes together are great. Get your bike loving significant other beer gifts and they will be happy and love you more. We promise. Hydro Flask True Pint Holiday 4-Pack Travel with it, camp with it, party with it! The 16 oz True Pint is made from 18/8...
  4. Where are the Best Deals?
    Beer is one of the common threads that unites many of us mountain bikers. And like mountain biking, beer is experiencing an explosion in the supply and creativity of high quality product. There are now more craft brewers (2500+) in the US than in any point in our history. Part of the good...
  5. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    Let's face it, beer and bikes go together. Here to prove that fact is none other than Cedric Gracia with his helpful tips on how to open a beer with your bike and bike gear. Way back when, I owned a Santa Cruz Heckler that had one of the original platform shocks (anyone remember Fifth...
  6. Vacations & Destinations
    I was just in Hawaii for some serious off-season down time. I even left my bike at home so I'd be forced to do other activities. One of those activities happens to be a favorite pastime - taste and drink beer! Tropical island happy hour often consists of fruity drinks with those little...
  7. Vacations & Destinations
    I've been a professional mountain bike racer for 6 years and I find great amusement when someone sees me raise a pint of ice cold microbrew goodness. It's classic - I see their mouth agape, eyes wide and hear an incredulous tone. "WHAT?! You're a pro rider…and you are DRINKING?!"...
  8. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    Introduction Dustan Sept of Norco Bikes is a beer guy. And true beer guys know that the best beer in a town or city is usually not bottled yet due to volume constraints. So enter the growler, the new standard in taking beer home from your favorite brew pub. It's half a gallon or 4 pints so...
  9. Vacations & Destinations
    Update: Dec 3 with the final update from Andy Lightle and Mark De Ponzi The Bend Conspiracy Round 2 Mark DePonzi From 1977 up until this last trip with the Boys from MTBR, I have been going to Bend to visit my grandparents as many as 2-3 times a year, every year. So you might say I know a...
  10. Vacations & Destinations
    The Bend Experiment What would happen if you took seven of the most stoked members of mtbr on a bike and beer adventure in Bend, Oregon - one vehicle, one house, one schedule. Would there be fun to be had? Would they still talk to each other after the trip? Mtbr sent a few emails and within a...
  11. California - Norcal
    You guys know the drill by now. 4 people will reply, but 12 will show up. :rolleyes: For the 12th Gap Ride of 2011, I think we'll need at least a dozen beers to sample! I will bring some choice Double IPAs to share. Where: Saratoga Gap parking lot. Hwy 35 @ Hwy 9. When: 6/30, 6 p.m.
  12. California - Norcal
    Hi all, As some of you may know, I recently re-separated my shoulder and am relegated to the pavement for a while. My girlfriend is flying down from Canada in a week, and she's here for 8 days. We're hoping to do a fair bit of road riding together, but also hoping to save on shipping as it's...
  13. Eastern Canada
    How is it that we are 8 days from this event and no-one has started a thread about it yet. I will be there in the corporate category as part of Team Flying Bison. Our only claim to fame is that we are sponsored by a brewery.
  14. California - Norcal
    Riding and not riding?? What May by the Bay rides are you doing? My son has 5 baseball games in 4 days. But he is sick. I think that means more riding time for me. fc
  15. Yeehaw Drunks

    Bunch o cowdrunks hanging out at the Dirt Rag booth and drinking their free booze.
  16. Beer

    TJ's Beer
1-16 of 34 Results