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  1. Brake Time
    I currently have bb5s on my bike with speed dial levers. While they have decent power the lever feel (smoothness) isnt all that great. I havnt stepped up to sealed or compressionless housing yet. My question: I noticed that the bb7 version has a rubber boot at the caliper where the cable enters...
  2. Brake Time
    My front BB5 is perfect, but my LBS and I are incapable of getting the rear BB5 to work properly. The brake always needs constant adjustment and the pads never stay straight. We both find it impossible to have good cable tension, while keeping the caliper centered over the rotor. It seems no...
  3. Brake Time
    What does that adjuster do on the bb7 that the bb5's don't have? what are some simple fixes for brakes rubbing after a long/harsh ride?
  4. Brake Time
    Just wondering your thoughts on swapping my current BB5 brakes for BB7. I do mostly trail riding on a hardtail, nothing too extreme but I'm considering the upgrade because I just can't leave good enough alone :D From what I can tell, I think they use the same rotor so I think I can just swap...
  5. Brake Time
    What are the differences between Avid's BB5 and BB7 mech disc brakes? Looking for a quality comparison to each other. Thanks In Advance.
  6. Brake Time
    It looks like I will be purchasing a Redline Monocog in the next month. It comes with Tektro V-brakes and I thought about getting the shop to upgrade me to BB-5s for ~$100. What is the main difference between the 5s and the 7s? I have never ridden discs and think the Vs will work just fine...
1-6 of 6 Results