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  1. Shocks and Suspension
    Maybe some of the smart people out there can help with this one... lmao I still have (yes, its still alive) a 2003 Banshee Chaparrel... had a Romic rear suspension fitted to it, but this suspendion has unfotunately met its demise. Wondering what rear suspensions will work on this frame? Any...
  2. Frameset
    Black anodized Banshee Phantom V3 for sale, size Large. MSRP on these is $2600. 115mm rear travel and suited to a 120-140mm fork (I've been running 130). Bike was purchased new from Banshee and has 1 full season of riding. It is the V3.1, not V3.2, which means it takes a 31.6 seatpost. It...
    $1,500 USD
  3. Singlespeed
    I just purchased a Banshee Paradox V3 frame and plan on doing a single speed build. I've been riding for quite awhile but I'm brand new to the SS world and building a bike in general. My main motivation for the build was that I had almost every part I needed in my basement and was always...
  4. Banshee Bikes
    I need remove my DPX2 (for service) from my Phantom V3. The top of the shock comes loose after removing the top 2 bolts, but the bottom stays attached after removing the single bottom bolt (looks like a heavy headset bolt). It looks to me like there are just a couple of nylon washers holding it...
  5. Full Suspension Bikes
    Back story: I ride mostly natural/technical trails throughout the week and more enduro/shuttle day type of rides on the weekends (I plan to do more trips this year to some flow trails with fire road climbs and sweet descends). I have been biking since 2018 and have ridden everything from rigid...
  6. Banshee Bikes
    My new Rune frame is in the mail, and I'm curious what forks people have put on? Im thinking 36 160 Float FitRLC or Talas Fit RLC. Also for the rear wheel the spacing is 10 x 135, what hubs are you putting on in the rear. any one doing 12 x 135 and bringing it down to 10?
  7. Banshee

  8. under 45 lbs banshee scream

    this is my 04 banshee, it's about 1year old now and i should have a review coming up soon!!
  9. Lucretia

    Check the Custom rotors, and all the other tiny nuances of her kit. Isn't she stunning?
  10. Banshee Chappy

1-13 of 13 Results