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  1. 27.5
    SRAM has been busy lately, and at Sea Otter they were showing off new and improved components. The new products included the 650B Rise wheel, Avid X0 Trail brake, Grip Shift, Type 2 Rear Derailer and Reverb Stealth, while the RockShox forks and Monarch RT3 shock got some hefty tweaks. Grip...
  2. General Discussion
    Avid X0 Trail: Sneaky Strong 4-Piston Strong, X0 Light Don't be fooled by X0 Trail's sleek design and slender 340-gram weight. With a powerful 4-piston caliper and innovative lever pivot bearing, the all-new X0 Trail eats nasty terrain for lunch. More power, more control, more fun on every...
  3. Brake Time
    New Four Piston XO and XO Trail Brakes Just Announced! The guys at SRAM, Truvativ, Avid and RockShox have been busy! Following on the heels of the new SRAM 10-speed Grip Shift, SRAM Type 2 Derailleurs and the Truvativ NOIR T40 handlebars, Avid announces the new XO and XO Trail Brakes...
  4. General Discussion
    SRAM, RockShox, Avid and Truvat iv athletes won in almost every mountain bike discipline imaginable this past weekend. Further instilling SRAM's ability to be a dominant force on every dirt-covered race course in the world, be it XC racing, downhill World Cup, enduro or slopestyle. XC World Cup...
  5. Brake Time
    i also posted on pinkbike: so i was replacing my front tyre,and i flipped my bike upside down,so it was standing on the bars and the rear tyre. i have put the wheel back in,and while upside down,i gave it a...
  6. Brake Time
    Hello bike friends!!! I am building my own "soft all mountain" hardtail (yes, hardtail I hope it works) And I am using mainly Sram X7 to X9 stuff :) Right now, I'm the process of buying some disc brakes and they will be my first disc brakes ever, so I was wondering if someone could advice me...
  7. Brake Time
    I had a 185 mm front rotor on the front of my bike and I somehow ended up with a 180 mm rotor up there. When I pulled my pads for cleaning and inspection, I noticed I definitely am "wasting" 5 or so mm's on my pads most outward surface. Now I never noticed and performance loss but I'm wondering...
  8. General Discussion
    This weekend we have two AVID Chainless Challenge events happening, in very different settings! Ashland Mountain Challenge Ashland, Oregon Friday, June 17, 2011 Triple DHip DH Stage Race Sol Vista Bike Park Granby, Colorado Saturday, June 18, 2011 Source: Tyler Morland
  9. General Discussion
    5.10.11 : Colorado Springs, CO The newly redesigned XX and XX World Cup incorporates race-proven technology and improved performance all while shaving off precious weight. XX is just as comfortable on the World Cup podium as it is on your Saturday trail ride. Join us in welcoming the new...
  10. General Discussion
    Some pictures of the new 2011 SRAM XO groupset, taken at their recent press event in Ashland, OR. Click on photos for larger image. From the SRAM Website: "Battle Tested Bringing the first 2X10 MTB gearing and Avid's full-featured brake to the legendary X0 line gives you a product family...
  11. General Discussion
    AVID Elixir 3 was built for value and gives nothing away in performance and adjustability. The newest brake in the Elixir family offers up a sleek ambidextrous lever body and stout two-piece caliper. Featuring a TaperBore master cylinder and AVID's optimized pivot placement, the Elixir 3 brings...
  12. My Girl & Her Journey 2

    2008-09 Project. I no longer have this bike. I have had a great time upgrading this once considered "budget bicycle". cost of completed modifications...priceless
  13. Gorilla brake beefers

    Red V-brake beefers. Includes 4 bolts, but one of the collars is missing. Can be easily sourced at Ace hardware.
  14. Rock Shox Judy

    Old 2000 era Rock Shox Judy with Englund air cartridges. I do not recall the travel. I believe it is 65mm. It has a 1-1/8" steer tube that is about 8.5" long.
  15. Avid Arch Supreme

    Avid Arch Supreme V-brakes. All hardware included.
  16. General Discussion
    Article Originally Found On Mountain Biking by 198 Review by Robb Sutton Original Article: Avid Elixir CR Hydraulic Disc Brake Review In product year 2009, SRAM has been making a lot of changes and introductions throughout its brands. Truvativ released the Hammerschmidt...the Rock Shox...
  17. General Discussion
    Post by Robb Sutton (198) Mountain Biking by 198 Avid Juicy 5 Hydraulic Disc Brake Review Are you looking to make the switch to disc brakes without breaking the bank? Are you tired of the poor lever feel and performance out of those other "budget" disc brakes...
  18. Francezo

    Francezo 170mm frame, Drop Off III 150mm fork, Avid BB5 8" and 7", Hone cranks, Alivio shifting, Maxxis tires.
1-20 of 41 Results