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  1. Maah Daah Hey

    Little Missouri view climbing out of the river bottom.
  2. Maah Daah Hey

    Rick at the Ice Caves cliff top. Gee what a view! We had so much fun the year we might return again in September of 09. PM us if interested in joining us.
  3. Maah Daah Hey

    Who said Lane can't climb! :-)
  4. Maah Daah Hey

    Dave and Dick talking on a radio. We brought radios to try stay in touch.
  5. Maah Daah Hey

    Underpass for interstate 94 during the last day.
  6. Maah Daah Hey

    Heidi taking a break. How easy is this trail to ride all day?
  7. Maah Daah Hey

    I like this photo and it might give you an idea what this trail looks like.
  8. Maah Daah Hey

    Heidi's goal for the tour was to never use her brakes,,,, and it appears she may have done just that! ;-)
  9. Maah Daah Hey, Little Missouri crossing

    Is this a van, or a boat? ;-) Little Missouri crossing while trolling for dinner. Yes this really is the official road crossing and you can see the auto tracks. And we did serve fish!
  10. Maah Daah Hey

    Images like this might give you an idea of this country’s size. _______BIG!!!!!!!______
  11. Manakagon trail, Chequamegon WI

    Lane and us did a 3 hour ride tooling about these trails including some of the Rock Lake loops. Wow these are great! These trails are in par with ours in the Keweenaw of Michigan.
  12. Clydes Slide, Copper Harbor MI

    Bill K coming down one of the "slides".
1-14 of 14 Results