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  1. Google Earth 3-D View of Ape Canon

    Thanks to Google Earth a cool 3-d View
  2. Other Ape Canon Riders

    Other riders decide to bet against the weather on Mt. St. Helens' east side trail called Ape Canon.
  3. Mike with War Paint

    Mike felt the need to proudly display some of his own blood, like war paint. Nobody rides like Mike.
  4. Dahoos heads up the Ape Canon Trail

    Dahoos had the heaviest bike, but it didn't seem to slow him down any.
  5. Mike at Ape Canon

    Mike, looking like the recent rains, the cold wind, and the angry skies (oh yeah, and minimal oxygen) does not bother him.
  6. Dahoos at Ape Canon

    Dahoos tells it like it is at Ape Canon
  7. Lee at Ape Canon

    The only sensibly dressed rider also made it to Ape Canon
  8. Angry Weather

    The weather kept trying to intimidate me, with Mt. St. Helens conspiring to help.
  9. Tim at Ape Canon

    Tim gets ready to snap his own photos at Ape Canon
  10. Tim heads up the Ape Canon Trail

    Tim pedals his all-mountain bike up the Ape Canon Trail
  11. Mike heading up Ape Canon Trail

    Mike, dressed minimally, heads up the Ape Canon Trail.
  12. The temporary bridge

    The temporary bridge next to Road 83.
  13. Ape Canon Trailhead

    The Ape Canon Trailhead parking lot. No cars, since the road is closed.
  14. Mt. St. Helens behind riding buds

    This turned out to be the best view we would have all day of Mt. St. Helens as well as all of the wild flowers.
  15. Marble Mountain Snow Park

    Marble Mountain Snow Park, where road to Ape Canon is blocked off.
1-15 of 15 Results