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  1. Ape Canyon Trail

    remains of trees burnt in the May 18th, 1980 blast from Mt St. Helens along the Ape Canyon Trail south of Windy Ridge.
  2. upper Ape Canyon Trail

    north of the Plains of Abraham the trail hugs the north slope of the last mountain before Mt St Helens proper.
  3. Ape Canyon Trail

    Upper Smith Creek, between Plains of Abraham and Windy Gap.
  4. Ape Canyon Trail switch back

    on the north side of the Plains of Abraham, also known as Pumice Plain, there's a switchback where members of a group challenge others to make it around the switchback without stopping. Tough job.
  5. Mt Adams from Ape Canyon trail, WA

    Once on the Plains of Abraham Mt Adams dominates the eastern horizon. unidentified bikers.
1-5 of 5 Results