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  1. 29er Bikes
    Giant's Anthem prototype has team pro Carl Decker all smiles. If it was ready to show, Giant's "re-imagination" of its full-carbon Anthem 29er XC racer would likely be a Sea Otter showstopper. Instead, show-goers are settling for sneak peeks of what the world's biggest bike maker calls its...
  2. General Discussion
    Longer, lower, and slacker. That's the theme for Giant's 2017 updates to the popular Trance and Anthem. Longer, lower, and slacker. This has been the dominant trend in mountain biking and Giant embraced this ideology wholeheartedly when developing the new Trance and Anthem. For the 2017 model...
  3. Giant
    Hi, I need to contact alienonabike from Australia, the post was deleted and i loose his info. Thanks! Alex [email protected]
  4. Giant
    The bike has full Shimano XT groupset, including brakes (just like 2011 XTR), straight pull XT hubs/spokes and XT rims and Schwalbe Racing Ralph tires. Eagle eyes may also see the 2 x 10 drivetrain. Gone are the 2011's blue Fox forks - now in black. Spotted last week at the Melbourne Motor...
  5. 29er Bikes
    Hi, I'm having a tough time at the moment choosing between the Anthem X1 (26") or the Giant Anthem X 29er. I currently ride a 26 inch and have done so for 2 years, it's nothing worth mentioning and it's time I upgrade. I've just been using a demo Anthem 2011 X1 FS 26" for 3 weeks and I loved...
  6. What Bike to Buy
    So I am trying to buy a new frame and I can't decide between these two frames. I ride pretty much every kind of terrain and my hardtail just isn't doing it for me. I am more used to riding a downhill bike so I don't really like the feeling of sitting on top of the world. I like the more relaxed...
  7. Anthem

1-7 of 7 Results