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  1. 27.5
    The last time Rocky Mountain gave the Altitude a thorough once over was back in 2013. That was right around the time when the mountain bike industry adopted 27.5 wheels and became obsessed with the word enduro. Now, they've unveiled a new version. It still has 27.5 wheels, 150mm of rear travel...
  2. 29er Bikes
    2013 Interbike Dirt Demo - Part 2 This is part 2 of Krob's bike tests from Interbike's Outdoor Demo. Be sure to read Krob's All Mountain Bike Tests at Interbike (part 1). My normal riding buddy Craig ("Craigstr" in the Mtbr forums) was busy working a booth today so I was on my own for my...
  3. 27.5
    Our crew has been paying a lot of attention to 650b bikes lately. And for good reason - it looks like the 27.5-inch wheel is poised to roll over (see what I did there?) other wheel sizes and become the standard for aggressive trail riding and enduro racing. One bike that has been missing from...
  4. 27.5
    Introduction Rocky Mountain Bicycles is no stranger to trying new things. In 2009, they resurrected the venerable Altitude line; the name gracing a 140mm travel dual suspension bike. In 2010 this morphed into a 29er version with 120mm of travel. In 2009, the Altitude was described as "XC...
  5. 27.5
    We'll cut to the chase and let you know that the 2013 Altitude is the most complete and best riding Trail bike on the market. It's the total Trail bike package. But wait a second, what is this category the bike industry calls "Trail"? Didn't it used to be just cross-country and freeride? Isn't...
  6. 29er Bikes
    Rocky Mountain Altitude 29er- 2010 - Review Review, photos and videos by Lee Lau FIRST LOOKS AND COMPONENTS Rocky's Altitude 29er builds on its Altitude platform, incorporating many innovations such as the ET-S suspension and the Smoothlink geometry (more about that in tedious detail in this...
  7. 29er Bikes
    Home Rocky Mountain Altitude 29er- 2010 - First look ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ On the eve of Rocky Mountain Bicycles 29th year of existence, it...
  8. Vacations & Destinations
    Chilcotin September 2008 Day 1 - Little Paradise - Manson - Tyoax - September 4, 2008 Words by Lee Lau. Photos by, Sharon Bader and Rob McLachlan unless otherwise noted. (Hyperlinks in the titles lead to the full story with large pictures) || Day...
  9. General Discussion
    Introduction Rocky Mountain Bicycles (RMB) will be resurrecting a venerable name from history when they release the Altitude in 2009. A marked departure from the racing-light steel hardtails that formerly bore the name Altitude, this new Altitude is described as a trail bike that...
  10. VDO MC 1.0 Computer

    VDO MC 1.0 wireless altimeter bike computer with revised display.
  11. VDO MC 1.0 Computer

    VDO MC 1.0 wireless bike computer with revised display.
  12. Titec RIP & Ritchey Rizer

    Titec RIP stem and Ritchey Rizer 31.8mm handlebar on Van Dessel Buzz Bomb.
1-12 of 12 Results