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  1. Clydesdales/Tall Riders
    I am new to mountain biking a looking to get a decent full suspension trail/all-mountain bike for under $5,000 that will fit me. I am athletic and slightly over 6'4" and fluctuate in weight between 240-250lbs. I am interested in trail/all-mountain bikes but keep encountering potential issues...
  2. What Bike to Buy
    Hello, I am looking into a trail/all-mountain hardtail, preferably with an aluminum or titanium frame. The trails I ride most of the time are usually 80% flow, 20% tech blues, with one or two decent jumps. I am 5'7", with a long torso, and weigh about 155 lbs. with gear. My budget is 5,000...
  3. Giant
    Hi All! I just picked up a 2008 trance 2 (all stock except for the grips) and I am thinking of doing some upgrades. I've sort of fallen into the category of "just switched from a HT to a DS XC bike but now that I am getting the feel for the DS I just want to do more nuts all-mountain riding."...
1-3 of 3 Results