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  1. Video, Photography, and POV Cameras
    TRAIL HUNTER - THE BROTHERHOOD OF STOKE Words by Janeen McRae All photos by: Sterling Lorence @eyeroam You hear them before you see them, their whistles, threading through the forest like wisps of pure stoke smoke caught on a stiff South African breeze. One, two, three-they're a single thread...
  2. Kalahari Challenge 2007

    Crossing the finish line, exhausted!
  3. Kalahari Challenge 2007

    We finished in a game reserve. With the drought, they were feeding the white rhino and we got quite close during the race!
  4. Kalahari Challenge 2007

    Dad and I at the finish, 14 hours 16 minutes to complete 180km over 2 days
  5. Kalahari Challenge 2007

    Dad riding behind me near the end
  6. Kalahari Challenge 2007

    A dry wash on the route. This sand is thick!
  7. Kalahari Challenge 2007

    Dad heading towards Ball Bearing Hill, picture tennis bal sized rocks, half a metre deep, on an uphill!!
  8. Kalahari Challenge 2007

    Dad and my nicknames on our cycling shirts, SuperDad and 10NaciT
  9. Kalahari Challenge 2007

    Really tired after a 95km Day One!
  10. Kalahari Challenge 2007

    Top of the first hill, called World's View.
  11. Dusi Mfula June 2007

    Me walking one of the rocky sections
  12. Dusi Mfula June 2007

    Dad and I just before riding the 1 kilometre to the start
  13. Dusi Mfula June 2007

    This was the first river crossing of Day One
1-13 of 13 Results