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  1. Gearboxes and Internal Gear Hubs
    So... sort of a ramble but I'd really just like to invite anyone with experience with the hub in the last ten years to chime in with their thoughts/experiences. In the meantime I thought I'd share my own experiences as they evolve on my new IGH - a X-RK8 8-speed disk brake SA hub. For those...
  2. 2005 Salsa El Santo

    this photo is from the thread "Roll Call! Show us your Salsa." in the Forums. Click the following link to view the thread:
  3. 1998 DBR V6

    '05 Marzocchi MX Pro ETA 105mm fork, Stratos Helix Expert shock and new WTB Momemtum headset. Otherwise all stock: XT rear derailleur, LX: front derailleur, 8-speed shifters, crankset and rear hub, WTB Momentum front hub, Avid AD 1.9L levers and SD 2.0 V-Brakes, Titec stem, post and Hellbent bar.
  4. 1998 DBR V-Link 3.2

    '02 Marzocchi Marathon S 85mm fork, Stratos Helix Pro shock, SRAM 9.0 8-Spd Shifters, Rear Derailleur and Levers, XTR V-Brakes, XT hubs with X517 rims, Thomson post and stem (stem not in this photo), Club Roost Go Fast bar. Stock STX-RC front derailleur and crankset. 4.25" rear travel. Chai
1-4 of 4 Results