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  1. 5th air

    What's wrong with this picture?
  2. Stab Primo with Mojo Boxxcart installed

    I installed Mojo Boxxcart in my Boxxer Worldcup. Just remove the rebound assembly and slide the Boxxcart in, pour the oil and that is it! It gives you the top of world response without doing massive tuning.
  3. '04 santacruz blur

    Blur frame w/ 5th Element Shimano XT group Marzocchi X-Fly 80 Hayes disc brakes Weight 26lbs
  4. Weyless SP w/5th element

    Weyless SP w/5th element air. WTB Shadow V team. Noleen mega air 100mm XT front/rear derailleur '04 LX cranks Avid mechs Mallet C pedals Kenda Klaw XT 2.1's Weyless carbonn front flat bar
1-4 of 4 Results