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  1. Josh Rallies the Team

    OK guys, I'm pretty sure we're supposed to actually ride our bikes at this event - This is not just a spectator sports, you dig?
  2. Queen of Beers

    24 Hours of Adrenalin has many event categories, but none as refreshing as the beer guzzling contest, if you get my drift. Oh, and we raced our bikes here too.
  3. Brian Sneaks a Wink

    MTBR team mate Brian catches a nap on the lawn during the awards ceromony, you gotta snooze when you can here, especially after truning in the team's fastest lap, AND winning the event's beer drinking competition. Wow!
  4. Molly Works the Crowd

    MTBR team mate Molly acknowledges her fans as she recovers in the shade at Fort Jericho, in between laps. Molly was awesome, riding the most laps.
  5. Keeping it Real

    Awesome waves of volunteers keep time for the racers in the transition area of 24 Hours at Idyllwild. You guys rock!
  6. Molly Brings it Home

    MTBR team mate Molly completes MTBR's final lap at 24 Hours Idyllwild. I think she rode the most laps on our team, and was awesome.
  7. Nicole of Merrell

    In control of the raffle, Nicole of Merrell keeps it just out of reach. She is much sweeter than she seems.
  8. Breakfast @ Camp

    Burritos make great energy foods at 24 Hours, especially at Camp MTBR under the shillin' shade of Fort Jericho. Word up!
  9. Buzzin' by Camp MTBR

    Yours truly, shot by Molly, kickin' the dust up to my hommies at Fort Jericho.
  10. Campside Race Action

    The pack tears it up through the campsites at 24 Hours of Adrenalin, Idyllwild.
  11. Brian Chillin' in Fort Jericho

    Stylin' at Camp MTBR, Brian preps for his next lap in Fort Jericho, infusing the magic dome properties with his own rock star mojo. Word.
  12. MTBR's Camp - Fort Jericho

    Check it, you have to have the bike coral, shady easy-up's, and legandary Fort Jericho, a/k/a The Dome, if you wish to camp in style.
  13. Brian Laying it Down @ Idyllwild

    MTBR team mate Brian layed down the team's fasted lap at 48 minutes, and averaged close to that until taking a digger on his night lap.
  14. Drew Recovers from Lap 1

    MTBR team mate Drew recovers in the shade from the start @ Idyllwild, which included a La Mans running lap, a prologue race lap, and the 10 mile full course lap, and he did it all in 55 minutes.
  15. Prologue Action @ Idyllwild

    Riders jockey for position on the prologue lap of 24 Hours at Idylwild
  16. Groovin' Jericho Josh

    MTBR team mate Josh from Jericho Bicycles warms up for lap 1 at 24 Hours of Adrenalin @ Hurkey Creek.
  17. MTBR Beer Drinking Competition

    MTBR team mate Brian, right, and Switchback Cyclery's Miles, left, drink off for King of beers at 24 Hours.
  18. Stuart puts the Wild in Idyllwild

    Race organizer Stuart, with Cal Poly gals Summer, Heidi, Julie & Shelly, who love a French Canadian in unform.
  19. Team MTBR @ Idyllwild

    Paul, Drew, Molly, Josh & Brian @ Fort Jerich, Camp MTBR for 24 Hours of Adrenalin at Hurkey Creek Park near Idyllwild, CA
1-20 of 20 Results