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  1. Beginner's Corner
    Help! I bought what I thought was a 2004 specialized stumpjumper elite fsr m4 frame xl 26 inch tires. I believe I actually have the ANNIVERSARY edition of that bike. I can find it on the net. I cannot find it on the bike blue book site. (Forget the name of it). I can find them both on bikepedia...
  2. 2004 Blizzard

    Equipped with XT/XTR Red anodized RF Turbine Crank and Mavic 517 rims Brooks Pro saddle Downhill RF post and bar White RF stem, 120mm RF Deus headset Marzzochi Marathon S '04 105mm fork. Time Z Control pedals
  3. Wade Simmons

    A funky, overview of Wade doing one of the big stepdowns at the bottom of the course. This was taken on Saturday, during qualifying. In fact, I think Wade opened it and this was the very first run of the day.
  4. Evening Air

    End of the end of the 2004 Interbike Outdoor Demo, at Bootleg Canyon. I don't remember which rider this was. Sorry. Maybe someone else can name him for me.
  5. Cameron McCaul

    Cam, throwing up one of his perfect indian airs, as the sun gets low at the end of the Outdoor Demo.
  6. Chelsea

    Pro DH racer Chelsea, in the Pinball section of the DH course.
  7. Gary Fisher and the Anti-29er.

    Gary Fisher samples the 20 inch sweetness of the Burro bike.
  8. Haro Werx 9 DH Bike

    Fully adjustable new single pivot DH bike from Haro.
  9. Haro Werx 9 Linkage

    The fully adjustable Haro Werks 9 linkage. The bike is a 9 inch single pivot with adjustable bb height, rear travel, and head angle.
  10. Phat Cycles Chick

    Ummm, I mean, woman.
  11. Outdoor Demo

    Outdoor Demo scene with the Bootleg Canyon sign on the mountain, in the background. Bootleg Canyon is an awesome venue for the Outdoor Demo. The variety and quality of trails is the best and Boulder City provides a wonderful and wholesome contrast to Las Vegas.
  12. Bootleg Canyon Riders

    Some of the Outdoor Demo attendees sampling the goods. The trails at Bootleg are as good as it gets. You need to ride them.
  13. SRAM Girl

    One of the lovely SRAM girls, tagging some dude's neck. Why, you ask? Ummmm, some sort of contest. Can't remember the details.
  14. RoManiac

    Steve "Romaniac" Romaniuk, gets stylee for the Dropin boys on the Bootleg Canyon road gap.
  15. Burro Love

    The Reverend Rich White showing me how to do it with a Burro.
  16. Hayes El Camino

    The new Hayes El Camino disc brake.
  17. Hayes Power!

    The power control knob on the new Hayes El Camino disc brakes.
  18. Roadie Row

    Here's where the bib boys - including Francis - were hanging out.
  19. John Tomac Loves His Fans

    But this guy from Surly got a little out of line.
  20. New Maverick

    Alan (kafin8ed), the editor of Mountain Biking magazine, at work taking pictures of Maverick's new rig.
1-20 of 63 Results