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  1. 2004 Red Bull Rampage Winners

    And on the podium are (L-R): Steve Romaniuk, Kyle Strait (in doggy costume), Gee Atherton. Good job, fellas! Too bad you're all too young to drink that champagne!
  2. Holy Zink!

    Even though he didn't make it to the podium, Cameron Zink was one of the heros of this year's Red Bull Rampage. He had tons of style, went huge, had what I thought was the scariest-looking crash, and took big chances. His two attemtpts at a monstrous 360 on Sunday were awesome. I think if he'd stuck
  3. The Irishmen

    Irish boys, Glyn O'Brien and Ben Reid, taking a look at one of the big hipped stepdowns, before the final run, of the final day, of the final Red Bull Rampage. Notice how good the dirt looks. It wasn't the usual powdery stuff that they're usually riding in Virgin. The rain allowed the riders to groo
  4. Vanderham

    Thomas Vanderham on one of the big stepdowns in the upper part of the course.
  5. Ben Reid

    Irish kid, Ben Reid, was one of the big surprises of this year's Red Bull rampage. Not only is he an awesome rider, but he had one of the ugliest crashes of the whole event, on Saturday, and still came back to qualify 15th.
  6. Andrew Shandro

    Veteran Canadian freerider, Andrew Shandro, during Saturday's Red Bull qualifying.
  7. Straight Up

    Kyle Straight, launching into orbit, during Sunday's finals.
  8. Canfield on the Super-T Drop

    Lance Canfield on the Super-T drop, during Sunday's finals. He got a little offline after landing this one, ran over Sterling Lawrence's camera bag, and crashed. It didn't look like a bad crash, but evidently he had a very bad cut. He was helicoptered out. Yesterday I heard that he was cut very deep
  9. Kyle Straight

    Most of the riders were pretty conservative on this drop. But not young Mr. Straight. He was throwing down serious style on every move he made.
  10. Wade's Crash

    Wade got bucked right over a 20 foot cliff. It was heinous. It looked horrible. But he got right up and evidently would have finished if he hadn't of broken a wheel. Not only do these guys have ungodly riding skills, they crash good, too.
  11. Red Bull Spectators

    Vultures, awaiting the carnage?
  12. Dedication..

    Fan showing her dedication to the cameras...
  13. More Fans...

    This was further up from the other photograph.
  14. Canfield

    Lance Canfield after his first run, in the finals of the 2004 Red Bull Rampage. GO LANCE!
  15. Canfield Rocks!

    Lance Canfield first run, finals, 2004 Red Bull Rampage. GO LANCE!
  16. Vanderham...

    Thomas Vanderham, 4th place at the 2004 Red Bull Rampage.
  17. Young Fan

    Young Fan, with autographs of most of the 2004 Red Bull Rampage competitors.
  18. The Winner...

    Kyle Strait, just before the awards ceremony of the 2004 Red Bull Rampage.
  19. Wade Simmons

    Wade Simmons during the finals at the 2004 Red Bull Rampage.
  20. Guido Tshuggs...

    Guido Tshugg, flying thorugh the air with the greatest of ease!
1-20 of 30 Results